African Hair Braiding
POZ trains young girls in the area of Afircan hair braiding for urban African hairstyles including braids, cornrows, and twists among others. We also train students on how to weave hair in many different patterns and styles. We train and provide globally skilled hair braiders in the long term repair of natural hair through simple, painless, affordable, and less time consumption braiders.

POZ trains young men and women on the importance of farming to create a healthier and more equitable organic food system.
Please check out the Manager's book on "Healthy Living and Lifestyle" here.

Computer Literacy
POZ teaches and trains youths and adults on the understanding and appreciation of basic computer skills. Computer Literacy is very relevant in our present global world.

Cooking and Etiquettes
POZ offers cooking classes for boys and girls. After school and Saturday classes are available. We educate our students on the importance of cooking, and eating and living healthy.

POZ offers free sewing classes for all ages. Our students create at least a project (shirt, skirt, blouse, dress, doll, etc) that would be donated to a sick child in a hospital, a woman in need, and an elderly, among others .

We love and serve our community. Please check us out today.
  • POZ grows healthy natural foods for the community

    We grow natural healthy foods.

  • Green Plants are high in vitamins.

    Green plants are very nutritious in vitamins.

  • Hair Braiding.

    We teach you how to braid - African style!

  • POZ educates students on gardening

    Planting Today for Food Tomorrow.

  • Tomatoes and Okras.

    Tomatoes and Okras are healthy fruits.

  • Watermelons.

    Watermelons are sweet and healthy.

  • Watermelons.

    We make tasty healthy juices.

  • POZ prepares our students to be independent farmers.

    Greens for tasty and delicious meals.

  • Hair Braiding.

    POZ is best at hair braiding.

  • Hair Braiding.

    We teach you how to cook healthy delicious African soups too.